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Subscription-based cloud gaming service

Blacknut is a standout in the cloud gaming services space. The utility software offers more than 300 games in its library. The games in it will be made available to you once you avail the paid subscriptions. This subscription-based service focuses on families that want to play multiple games, perhaps even simultaneously

Features over function

Blacknut has excellent features that make the gaming experience feel more fluid. The interface and utilities have taken a riff of Netflix. Just like the video-streaming service, you can maintain multiple profiles in one account. You can then customize these profiles, depending on who is using it. For parents, you can set up a ‘children’s games only’ profile, set a PIN for accounts, and personalize the profile images.  

Compatibility is a major feature of Blacknut. It has apps available for Windows, macOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and select televisions sets. The number of supported platforms reflects even in the controller support. For PC games, Blacknut supports controller, keyboard, and mouse. Mobile games also support controller and customizable on-screen controls. But perhaps the most notable feature is the cloud saves. The function allows you to pick up your game anywhere, anytime. You can use cloud saves on any device where Blacknut is installed. 

Blacknut is a decent cloud gaming service. However, the library of popular games is limited, which can be discouraging as there are more than three-hundred games. It can also be difficult to choose what to play, considering they’re not well-reviewed and well-known. This is because Blacknut lacks support from DRM platforms like Steam. There are some indie games and retro gems available that you might enjoy, but it doesn’t make up for its asking price. Perhaps for families, this subscription service will be sufficient. It has a clear and straightforward user interface and an excellent cloud storage system. 


  • Parental controls feature
  • Profile support
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Excellent cloud storage system


  • Lackluster game library
  • Lacks DRM support
  • The game offering does not make up for its asking price
  • Games offered are not well-known and well-reviewed


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